I can highly recommend Kayla. I must admit I was a skeptic and thought what have I got to lose.

Well let me tell you what I lost was the last 18 months of constantly feeling tired, headaches and unbalanced.

So far I’ve had two consultations and been taking my herbs for 3 weeks now and I am more energetic and balanced and feeling like my old self. Do yourself a favour book in an appointment best of all Kayla also does after hours appointments as well.

Kayla takes a methodical approach and listens to all your concerns and re-synchs your body and it is an appointment I highly recommend.

Thanks Kayla


After spending months feeling not my self and having other health specialist tell me I'm fine, I booked my initial appointment with Kayla. After a few rounds of herbs I am feeling back to my old self. Could not recommend her highly enough.


I have never tried/heard about Naturopathy before but a friend of mine told me about Kayla and told me to give her a go as I have a bit of stress and I get headaches that co-exist with that and some inflammation around both my ankles as I have had past injuries. She respected my needs and helped me out a lot as I have noticed a slight difference in my ankles as the inflammation/swelling is slowly going down and my headaches feel a lot better. Kayla is a natural at what she does I’m so happy my friend told me about her I would be happy to return. I also found out her brother Anthony is a Massage therapist so I might give him a go as well.


I heard about Kayla through her brother Anthony who is my Massage Therapist Anthony Master of Massage I wrote a review about him a few years back (check it out if you like) and I am still seeing him so that tells you something. I hadn't been feeling quite right and wasn't geting any better so I thought I would give Kayla a try as I had nothing to lose but alot to gain as it turned out so I am so glad i did. Kayla is a very pleasant young lady who is very interested in you as an individual she listens intently and gives great advice she has a kind and caring nature. Kayla makes up herbal mixes, herbal teas she uses flower essences and she also gives lifestlye and diatary advice. I would certainly recomend Kayla to anyone looking for a Naturopath who cares you wont be disappointed.


I found out about Kayla when I went to see her brother Anthony who is my Massage Therapist Anthony Master of Massage(check out his page for my review) they are at the same address. I had been unwell for a few months and had been back and forth to the Doctors and spent heaps of money of prescriptions but was not getting any better so I thought I would give Kayla a try what harm could it do as I was getting nowhere with the Doc. I am so glad I did from the minute I walked in she made me feel comfortable, She took my full history and was interested in me as a person not just my symptoms she gave me lifestyle and dietary advice as well as making me up a herbal mix which was a 200ml bottle that lasted me two weeks. It was great within a few days I was feeling much better and by the time I had finished the bottle i was feeling like my old self again it was amazing. I went back for a follow up and I will continue to see Kayla forever. I would highly recommend Kayla to anyone looking for a Naturopath as she is a kind, Nurturing like the name says Kayla The Nurturing Naturopath she actually listens to you the patient and she cares. Well done Kayla I am so very grateful

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